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Programs in Development - Residential Treatment for women with children

Based on Recovery Acres’ core program of Life Skills, Relapse Prevention and Addiction Awareness developed over the last 15 years we would provide accommodation, meals and 24/7 support to women with drug and alcohol addiction issue who still maintain custody of their children. That facility would not only provide support and counselling for the women, but also provide in-house child care for their kids. The women would have time during the day to attend programing and meet with counselors and do homework etc. while staff looked after the children. The facility and programing would be designed to accommodate different living arrangements and numbers and ages of children and staff would specialize in women’s needs and provide access to community supports for them and their families.


Women with children who need residential care to help them deal with drug and alcohol addiction.


Help clients achieve clean, healthy lifestyle and transition into the community to raise their children in a prosocial environment.

Initial Funds Required:


Annual Funds Required:


Time Frame:

At least a year or two to design facility, secure funding, hire appropriate staff and develop appropriate program.