Help Now?


Do I need to have my funding figured out before I arrive?

No. We will help you with your funding once you are settled into our program. We will take in any applicant regardless of their financial situation.

How do I do an interview if I don’t live in Edmonton?

We like to do all of our interviews face-to-face, however we do understand that sometimes this is not possible. In situations where we are unable to meet and applicant face-to-face we will arrange a time to do a telephone interview.

Can someone else fill out and submit my application?

Yes. However, we ask that this is indicated on the application so we know that it is not the applicant who filled the application out.

What about things like smoking and cell phones?

Client are allowed to have personal cell phones however, Recovery Acres holds all client phones during programming hours and during the night (sleeping hours) on programing days. We want to ensure that all clients are able to get a good night’s rest and are able to focus on their programming.

Clients can use tobacco outside of group time and before curfew. We are an Alberta Health Services building, so all tobacco use must be away from the building in a designated smoking area. Also, for client wishing to address their tobacco addiction, we have a Tobacco and Relapse Prevention Program to help clients quite. The program provides group meetings, on-on-one counselling, recreation activities and FREE nicotine Replacement Therapy (patch, gum, spray etc.)

Am I allowed to see friends and family?

Yes, in our residential treatment program you are able to go and visit with family and friends in the evenings after supper and on weekends. On your fourth weekend you can apply for a weekend pass to leave the facility overnight Friday and Saturday provided you are doing well in the program and you have a safe plan in place.

Can I work while I am in your program?

In our residential treatment program for the first 90 days, no. Our program is very intensive and clients are required to be in group from 9:00 4:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 – 11:00 Fridays. Historically we have not seen success with clients who try to do our program and work evenings or weekends; recovery from drug and alcohol addiction requires a lot of work, commitment and focus. Trying to prioritize multiple things at the same time ends in insufficient attention to them all.

For clients who apply for our Relapse Prevention and Community Transition Program or residents living in our Robson Houses, yes. In fact, we hope that our graduates do find employment and achieve security and stability in the community as soon as they are able. We have a Community Transitions Worker who can help all of our graduates find appropriate employment, job training or education once they have finished programing.

How much does it cost for your program?

Our residential treatment program is free for any Albertan with a valid health care number. If a client would like to extend their stay after graduation to reside in our transitional housing beds we do require $477/month for room and board and ongoing support. If a client is interested in transitioning into Supportive Housing after graduation, rooms in one of the Robson Houses are $550 a month–$500 rent and $50 for a house fund which goes towards things like cable, internet, laundry soap, toilet paper etc..

We are always able to find financial solutions and/or a payment schedule to allow anyone who needs support to access it; we do not turn people away who need help and are willing to do the work.

How do I get into your program?

For details on our admission processes for treatment and supportive housing, click: Admissions

What are your wait times?

Recovery Aces has shorter wait times than other, similar treatment facilities in Alberta. We are able to move our clients through our programs and into stable housing efficiently, making room for new client all the time. To get exact wait time please call us at 780-471-2996, but generally speaking we are able to get clients into our program within one month from their application being submitted.