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About Us - Facility

Recovery Acres has 34 beds in our residential treatment facility and 20 beds for supportive transitional housing.

Residential Treatment Facility

The treatment beds are located at 6329 Р118 Avenue in a converted three story walk up. We have an industrial kitchen and dining area that accommodates all of clients for three meals a day as well as an evening snack. Clients have a coffee room with computers, telephones, television, client refrigerator, microwave, games and reading material etc. There is also a group facilitation room where we do our programing, holistic recovery activities as well as host community 12-step meeting. We have 6 dorms with common sleeping areas as well as 6 bedrooms for senior clients. We provide all linen and bedding as well as a secure locker for your personal belongings.


Robson Houses (Supportive Transitional Houses)

Recovery Acres Society provides the Edmonton community with 20 long-term transitional housing beds for men graduating from residential addiction treatment programs who do not have safe, secure and sober environments in which to live in order to pursue their aftercare plans post-graduation. These transition beds are supported by a fulltime Community Transition worker as well as the counselors and administration staff at Recovery Acres.

The Robson Houses are four single detached houses in the north-east neighborhoods surrounding our residential treatment facility. A Robson House resident has their own bedroom and shares common areas like the bathroom, kitchen, living room and T.V. room.

The Robson Houses Supportive Housing Program operate on the evidence based principles of current supportive housing models and focus on preserving the dignity of clients as they move from treatment through to permanent placement in the community. Theses houses help fill one of the major gaps in the continuum of care by reducing barriers and providing overall case management for men graduating from residential treatment in the Edmonton area and around the Province. The Community Transition Worker will work with clients through phase 1, transitioning the clients into the houses; phase 2, working with the clients while they live in the houses; and phase 3, support the clients to transition out of the houses into totally independent living situations.


CLICK HERE: Robson Houses Supportive Housing Program Information