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About Us - Who We Are

Recovery Acres provides residential treatment in a safe and sober living environment for men with a history of addiction who are motivated to change. We use trauma informed principles in a combination of group sessions, one-on-one counselling, recreation therapy and holistic recovery methods to promote clients developing and maintaining a productive and healthy lifestyle. Throughout our program we help our clients build strong, ongoing connections to community supports. Before any client leaves Recovery Acres they will be connected with fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous, or Narcotics Anonymous, they will be involved in men’s support groups, they will be enrolled in parenting classes or anger management programs, they will have ongoing mental health counselling support… whatever their needs are, we make sure they are supported and have a solid aftercare plan in place before they leave our program, whether that takes 3 months or two years.

Our program helps clients regain control of their lives, better understand their addictions, and learn and alternative behaviours for living a life free of addictions. Recovery is more than just the absence of drug or alcohol problems. At Recovery Acres our clients find a new desire for personal growth, self-awareness, and meaningful relationships; the move towards self-actualization and become continuing, prosocial members of the community.