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Mike - July 2022

I arrived here at Recovery Acres August 15th of last year without a true desire to be sober or a belief in the process or the system because I would have rather been out there high doing my DOC as it was easier, familiar, and that would have landed me back in custody or worse dead. I was an addict of some sort of drug in one form or another for 26 years. I did not believe I could live and function sober. I had done other treatment programs, and none were successful until I came to RA. The Recovery Acres program was different for me because it was a live-in treatment center where they made it so you could not fake it. You had a curfew, you had rules, you also lived with other addicts so if you were doing something somebody knew. Little did I know how much it was going to change me in the 3 and a half months that I spent here at Recovery Acres.

When I first came to Recovery Acres I was very angry and pissed off at the world because I felt that I had been robbed of what I thought was my best friend, my addiction, my drug. I thought every situation could be solved with violence and anger. At Recovery Acres they have seen a lot and know how hard it is when you arrive, and the struggle you are going through just to be standing there at that moment. I thought I knew what was best, when really, I just needed that time to come around. When I left Recovery Acres in December I left with a whole new attitude, skill-set, thought process, and — the biggest thing — a new belief in the value of living sober.

I recently celebrated one year of sobriety! Recovery Acres gave me so much when I was there and throughout the following months of my sober journey when I didn’t even live there any longer.

Recovery Acres and the staff create a positive, sober, safe, loving, all-inclusive environment where you can build future successes. Also, LOVE from Doug and all the staff at Recovery Acres is a very powerful motivator while you are at treatment. There is a lot of tolerance at Recovery Acres outside of the things they don’t allow which is what helps make this place such a success as long as that is what you want it to be. They make you feel supported and comfortable enough to do the hard work. You as the individual have to do the hard work and let me tell you it is going to be hard at times, but it’s worthwhile work and you never ever have to do it alone or by yourself. Please have patience with yourself and with the process during and following your time at Recovery Acres.

Recovery Acres gave me an awesome support network and also good positive sober friends who supported me completely while in the program. We are still friends and proud supporters of one another a year after graduating from the Recovery Acres program and all of us maintain our sobriety to this day. While here I encourage you to take advantage of the group outings and activities even if you feel it’s stupid because you never know who you will meet and how that will impact your life and vice versa in this recovery journey.

Recovery Acres is Bigger than just addiction treatment and cleaning up, they help you get financial funding, Dentist, and access to see a doctor and get your affairs in order so that when the treatment starts you can concentrate on treatment. Building something secure and of good structure is always easier when you have a solid foundation and guidelines to follow.

To this day I still have my certificates I received hung in my room to remind me every time I see them that what Recovery Acres helped me achieve was taking my entire life back from addiction. It is a big deal getting and staying sober.

Now because of my successes and positive choices I can hold my head up high and am no longer discouraged or ashamed of what I represent as a person and that is a powerful and life changing place to be. I genuinely care about and love who I am today. Every day I can look myself in the mirror and I no longer have a problem with that. Before addiction got in the way but now there is no way addiction will stop me from being who I actually am and that is an amazing good person.

So, in the beginning as I stated I was miserable but now life is good and enjoyable. I smile and laugh everyday and that is a blessing and one of the greatest things that sobriety has given back to me. Back then I thought things were great and I was having a good time, but in reality, things sucked and so did life. Now things are so good, life is great. I run an awesome sober program in my life and would not go back or change things for anything or any reason. The work doesn’t stop when you leave Recovery Acres but you are equipped with an arsenal of knowledge and tools to help you in your sober life 1 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, equals a life time of sobriety.

Johnathon S. - Graduate 2018

If you’re serious about recovery you may be giving your aftercare plan some heavy thought. I know I did.

I hadn’t the faintest idea what to do once I finish the program at Recovery Acres, but after a quick chat with staff, I was given applications to a multitude of sober living transitional housing options. I chose the Robson Houses as my first pick for a number of reasons: the rent is very reasonable; the houses are quite comfortable; but most important is the fact that you are still held accountable.

In the Robson Houses you still receive the same level of care as you did while living at Recovery Acres only with quite a bit more privacy and freedom to do whatever you want (to some extent), and the added benefit of having a few less personalities to deal with—you don’t have to stress out about trying to track down who left their the clothes in the washer or complain about the food (because you cooked it!) If you’re bored you’re welcome to leave anytime you want to take in a meeting or two. I recommend you do this as much as possible while living in Robson housing because the only thing that’s going to get in the way of your recovery is you.

Robson Houses will give you a pretty comfortable place to live while you do just that: live as a recovering human being.

Robb D. - Graduate 2018

The Journey of what has been the greatest period of my life to date began in Kelowna, 2017. I was spending three or four nights a week in the homeless shelter, and the remainder intoxicated on the streets, not having even a pot to piss in. I had heard about a program that had the power to change lives. I felt at that moment that I had been beaten enough. I was down and out and so willing to know change, I would have done anything to do anything. A friend of mine had come through Recovery Acres so I decide to make my way here, and after 12 days in detox, I enrolled in the program, clueless of what it was, or what was even being offered. All I knew was that I never wanted to use again, however I had no idea of what it would take to make that happen.

I was told, “It’s simple. The only thing you need to change is everything.” I didn’t like myself, I had no real relationships of value, and fewer people willing to associate with me. I literally walked in with a handful of clothes and a chip on my shoulder. Lucky I met some people that were healthy and patient enough to love me when I couldn’t love myself. I met Doug, the Recovery acres House Manager and there wasn’t one word he could say that I wouldn’t take seriously, like my life depended on it. He was the first person I met that had what I wanted.

Like many other clients before me, I was argumentative, stubborn and very closed off; I had an ego. I put my wishes and well-being at the front of the line. I spoke without thinking, I was rude, and I was struggling to listen, to really hear what was being offered to me. About a month into my recovery, something changed in me. This was also at the same time I would meet my three biggest supports of this journey. Beth took her time patiently watching me bounce ideas around, offering me advice, and gently guiding me to a more peaceful stare of mind. I am still just learning what my sober self is all about and her office is where I find who I am, who I am becoming and who I will continue to grow to be.

Brandon is a fellow Recovery Acres alumni and he remains my best friend today. We laugh, we cry, and we have learned what it means to be happy in recovery together.

I also met my sponsor, Clayton, at the Tuesday night meetings at Recovery Acres. He is another person who has what I want. He guides me through the steps, the book, and every struggle I have in my daily life.

I’m very grateful for all the staff at Recovery Acres. Each one has had a part in my recovery. Living in one of the Robson houses has been a good experience for me, helping me as I slowly integrate back into the community, back into everyday life, while having a healthy, safe place to come back to each day. At Recovery Acres I found more than just my sobriety. Being here has allowed me to build a solid foundation and get the tools I need to live a healthy life.

Now people tell me how much of a change they have seen. And for the first time in my life, I can feel it too. Today I like myself. Today I realize the best thing I can do to help myself is help another struggling addict. I am not cured by any means. However, today I have a daily reprieve from my disease contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition. This is a spiritual journey not an intellectual challenge.

I’m so grateful to Recovery Acres and to Jeremiah for all the work he does to make this possible. I’m grateful to Beth for her unconditional patience and for knowing how to challenge me to get all I can from this journey. And I am grateful to all the staff that continue to support me and others who want it. I am over 9 months into this journey and hope to one day to “have what someone else wants” so that I can share what worked for me. I am truly fortunate to be able to say that I changed my life and it all started with Recovery Acres.