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Admissions - Instructions


Once you have submitted a Recovery Acres application you must call us to set up an interview. All interviews are done face-to-face whenever possible. Providing the interview goes well and you are found to be a good candidate for our treatment program we will put you on the wait list. To stay on the wait list and get the next available bed you must call Recovery Acres every morning Monday – Friday before 10:00 a.m.. You will be informed when your bed will be available usually with a day or two’s notice.

You will be given detailed instruction on your intake time and the procedure, by broadly speaking we do our intake in the morning and ask that new clients bring no more than what they can fit in one large suitcase with them. You are allowed to have phones, laptop computers and other small electronics but Recovery Acres is not responsible for their security and you will not have access to them during program hours or during lights-out times. Bring all of your current medication with you at intake and show them to staff.

We do drug and alcohol testing at intake for all new clients, so please do not exaggerate the amount of clean time you have. We require that all new clients have 5 days clean and sober; if you are struggling to get this clean time, let us know and we will arrange a pre-booked, pre-treatment bed for you and the AHS medical detox.

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