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Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone a safe and sober holiday season from all of us at Recovery Acres.

The holidays can be a special time of year, but they can also be a stressful time of year and they are often associated with behaviours that don’t go hand-in-hand with early recovery.

Here are some links to sites that have advice on and tips on getting through the season and making it into the New Tear with style and grace:


Here at Recovery Acres, the best tool we’ve found for our client over the holidays is making a DETAILED daily schedule. Print out a December calendar or get a blank sheet of paper and make a little calendar for the holiday period you are concerned with. Split each day into “Morning”, “Afternoon” and “Evening” and make sure that you have some sort of activity for each time slot, each day over the holidays. For example, Day 1: Morning: walk dog with sister then go shopping with Mom; Afternoon: meet John for lunch and then go see matinee; Evening: dinner with family, 84th street AA meeting.

If you have activities or something scheduled morning, afternoon and evening for each day over the holidays, and none of the things that you have scheduled involve using drugs or alcohol or committing crimes etc. and you stick to you schedule then you will arrive safe and sound in 202 without a hitch. Simple (but not always easy).

Have a great holiday season and a wonderful New Year’s!

Jeremiah, Executive Director