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New Procedure for Corrections Transitions

Programing update: Recovery Acres is no longer taking clients directly into our treatment program from corrections; all clients coming into the program MUST be coming in from the community first. Blow is further details on this new policy:

Recovery Acres Corrections Intake Protocol – 2020

Recovery Acres will no longer take clients directly out of corrections. They must be in the community before they come here as clients, even if it is just for a few days.

Procedure for new corrections clients:

1) Clients wanting to do residential treatment after they are released from corrections can fill out applications and submit them while incarcerated.

2) Once we have their application we can do interviews to assess treatment readiness and appropriateness.

3) If the client is both ready for treatment and an appropriate fit for our program, then we can do two things:

  • Write a letter stating that the client has submitted an application, we have interviewed the client and found them to be treatment ready and a good fit for our program and that the client will be put on our wait list once they are released into the community.
  • We can help them with a safe plan for accommodation when they are released so they can navigate our wait list in the community safely (e.g. passing along an applications and phone number for Harmony House).


4) Make sure they understand they will be moved to our wait list AFTER they are released and that we will NOT be giving them, their lawyer or the crown an intake date while they are incarcerated.

5) Finally, remind them that it is their responsibility to keep in contact with us once a week until they are released and then to contact us immediately when they are released into the community so we can move them onto the community wait list.

6) After they are released, make sure they know to call us in order to be moved to the community wait list, and then everything is the same as for any other client seeking admission.

We have very good relationships with community partners who are helping our corrections clients with short-term housing and transitioning out of corrections until they have a bed at Recovery Acres and this new system has been working well, so please do not let your corrections clients feel discouraged. Again, encourage them to fill out an application and call us.