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Ancients and Elders

Recently Recovery Acres took all of the residents to a performace of Ancetors and Elders. The following is  review of that experince by Jordan B.:

I had a really wonderful experience at the Jubilee watching Ancients and Elders. I really enjoyed watching the performance of two nations setting their differences aside and learning to coexist together.

During the performance I was amazed by the skill and technique of both the Ukrainian and the First Nations people in their dancing and costumes. What really jumped out at me, so to speak, was the messages being pointed out and presented.

The first one was about all of the hard work, labor, sacrifice required back then and I think the hopeful spirit of a better future the people had. When the harsh winter was coming and people were starving and getting sick and needed medicine there was a scene of the two women helping each other; it was very moving I think for everybody. Survival and a harsh winter climate, setting aside and laying down differences, coming together and being a part of each other’s lives… it was fascinating and moving.

Another powerful part was the scene with the First Nations school children and on stage the beliefs and culture and very fabric of their way of life was being stripped away. For me, that was the hardest scene to watch as that is a very sensitive issue. I have a special respect for our First Nations people, and have had many great friends from First Nations communities so I guess that whole scene was unsettling and very sad as well.

Overall Ancestors and Elders was great and it delivered a powerful message that we can coexist and live together as human beings and not just like animals killing each other just because we’re a little bit “different”.